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Posted By: Gerald
Sunday, February 7, 2016

This Sherry I am crippled, about your age and home bound. I thrive on God's grace and provision. Your messages are a part of that blessing. Your lessons and consistent preaching of God's Word are encouraging and remind me of how God's work continues to bring the gospel to millions everyday just as Jesus prayed in John 17:6. Soon that last person will be saved and we will all be able to go home. I thank you for your faithfulness.

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Posted By: Crystal
Saturday, February 6, 2016

Oh and I feel like a little kid at Christmas time waiting for all my books. I check every day and then I am sad because they haven't arrived yet. But I know it will be a very special special day when they do get here. I have so enjoyed Charismatic Chaos. One thing about these types of books they can be ageless because they continue to fit the times. Again, Thank You Sincerely, Crystal Brown

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Posted By: Crystal
Saturday, February 6, 2016

I've never done this before but I just feel like I need to tell you some things. This past July 16th, 2015, my husband Bobby Brown was taken to our hospital and then a life flight to University Hospital @ Columbia MO. He was very sick w/COPD, some sort of bad heart damage, and other smaller things that all added up to BAD. He was put on life-support immediately upon arrival and w/n 5 days they had given him a tracheotomy so he didn't have so many tubes down his throat. He was in ICU for a month there, then they moved him to a hospital that was suppose to be able to handle the life-support and everything else. When he finally came to enough to let him know where he was and for how long it was already 54 days in the hospital. He was miserable w/that hose in his neck and feeding tube in his nose. A tech pulled that out about the 3rd night there and of course he tried to put it right back in and put it in his lung which caused him to aspirate and then get pneumonia. He had that when he came in but had gotten over it and now he had it again. The tech finally got a nurse because Bobby was throwing a fit that something wasn't right and sure enough in the lung. That set him back. Well in total that happened 3 times by someone moving it and then causing pneumonia. He had that a total of 4 times while in there. Our anniversary was suppose to be Oct 15th and on Oct 9th he got so bad had to call the family in. His heart was so bad they didn't even want to resuscitate. I had to sign that paper and about killed me then and there. I felt so guilty. The doctor did all he could and said it is up to Mr. Brown now. Well, I knew who it was really up to and we all prayed. This was a Monday and by Saturday he was like a different person. We got to celebrate our 22nd anniv., that was wonderful. He contracted MRSA which happens to a lot of people in the hospital for man days. So that was really bad and along with it came another bout of pneumonia. Well, he came out of that. At first he was doing a pretty good job off of the ventilator for a few hours per day but could tall shortly it wasn't doing well at all. His body just couldn't make any oxygen on its own. They moved him to Fort Madison IA on Nov 11th because they were the closest long term care facility for his condition the trace and ventilator and heart and copd. Everyone was so very happy for him just knowing he would get better there and be able to go home. We got there at 10:30 am on the 11th and on Nov 12th at 11:30 am he passed away. I had found BOTT Radio in July and listened to it everyday. Pastor John, Alister Begg, and several others. My radio is still on the same channel. But now I get to see and listen on the computer. Like finding the Strange Fire sermons, oh my gosh. Grace To You has truly gotten me through some of the hardest times ever. Pastor John has words spoken thru his mouth right out of an angels. Not even listing to things about being a new widow just all in general. I am a member of the Christian Church, Desciples (sp) of Christ. A very very small church in Chandlerville, IL. I haven't been to church for along time but have had my bible with me since Bobby got sick. I hurt a great deal most of the time, except when I am in the word or listening to Grace To You. I ordered the Bible Study Books and a couple others that I can't wait to receive. I want to thank you for the ability to listen, watch, read, and download your sermons. I am sure you know what a difference they make in a persons life. Thank you and all that you do, and may God continued to smile down on you, your wife, your family and church family. God's blessings are so unrealized at times that it is like an electric shock when I think, wow I am so very blessed and there is another one. Sincerely from the bottom of my heart I thank you and all you have done for me. I've never been a widow before and it's not the easiest way to exist but I know that with the love of my Heavenly Father and my Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit I will pull thru sometime. Sincerely yours, Crystal Brown

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Posted By: Joash
Friday, February 5, 2016

I just want to express that I have been a false convert for more than half of my life until I truly knew my sins and come to need the Savior. I am a musician in my church for almost all my life, yet I wasn't really saved. Thank you Lord, for those experiences you orchestrated have led to my salvation. Dear Grace To You, I have been streaming through your blog posts for a few days now..i'm learning so much especially when here in the philippines the churches are getting more...joel-osteeny and have the purpose-driven life mindset.. i really want to tell the church the church I am attending... however, things really get complicated because the senior pastor is my father, my mother is a pastor, the musical director of the band is my older brother, and I've been with the same faces, same friends, same people ever since I knew how to spell my name.

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Posted By: John
Thursday, February 4, 2016

It was good to read his comments as I really believe in the local church. I don't agree with much of what gets published out there yet I am glad to see there are those that set the bar higher as we go.

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Posted By: John
Tuesday, February 2, 2016

I just have to say i listened to your message from Romans 8-26 to28 about the groanings to deep for words.It was one of the finest and most powerful messages i have ever heard on the work of the Holy Spirit.Thank you so much it has been a deep deep work and conformation of what the Holy Spirit has done and is continuing to do in me.I know you will give God the Holy Spirit the glory but may i say thanks for your willingness to be true to His word. Gods blessings,christian love(agape)and prayers....John James Johnston

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