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John MacArthur Answers His Critics, Part 1

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Earlier today, part one of a new interview with John MacArthur was posted at Tim Challies’s website. In the interview, John responds to several questions regarding the Strange Fire conference and Strange Fire book—all of which came directly from readers of Challies’s blog.

Here’s a quick summary of the issues tackled in part one:

  • What was the purpose of the Strange Fire conference, and why weren’t any Reformed continuationists invited to defend their side of the debate?
  • If this is a secondary theological issue, why are you taking such a strong stand? And why does God allow secondary issues to remain unclear to the church?
  • Can you explain the biblical case for cessationism?
  • If Scripture is clear on these issues, how do you explain the continuationist theology of many well-respected pastors and theologians, including some men you would consider friends?
  • What danger does continuationist preaching and practice represent to the church?
  • How do you respond to critics who say you used too broad a brush in your criticism of the charismatic movement?

You can read the interview here. We’ll be sure to link to the second part when it becomes available.

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