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Wednesday, February 03, 2010 | Comments (13)

Since the 1993 release of John MacArthur’s book, Ashamed of the Gospel, the world has experienced phenomenal change. The fall of Communism marked the failure of the modernist experiment—“The Age of Reason” proved irrationally cold and cruel at the core. The age of doubt isn’t very promising either. “Question everything,” the postmodernist manifesto, is just as vapid and hollow as its modernist parents.

Sadly, many evangelical leaders, churches, and institutions have made it their business to chase the changing winds of the culture. Rather than proclaiming the old truths of the gospel, boldly and unashamedly, they’ve catered to the spirit of the age—relevance. They now own curse of this dictum: “He who marries the spirit of the age soon finds himself a widower.”

The alarm John originally sounded in Ashamed of the Gospel was not heeded, and the predictions he made came true. The evangelical movement is now more fractured, doctrinally illiterate, and confused than ever. That’s what makes the release of this third edition so important. The way forward, out of this mess, is a return to old ways—simple trust and faithful obedience to God’s Word.

In this third edition of Ashamed of the Gospel, John has added a new preface that will bring you up to speed with the seismic changes in our world since the first edition. It’ll help you understand the current cultural landscape and get you ready to interact with the book’s thesis. Two new chapters and an additional appendix make this book the most incisive and prophetic critique of our time.

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#1  Posted by Erik Hoffman  |  Wednesday, February 03, 2010at 12:57 PM

Thank you! I'll add this to our voluminous collection of MacArthur books. John MacArthur is such an immense blessing to our lives. If only we lived in Southern California. Driving to California from Colorado every Sunday to attend church just isn't in the cards. Where's that personal jet when you need it?

Oh well, maybe if I were a big-haired televangelist I could have one.

#2  Posted by Elaine Bittencourt  |  Wednesday, February 03, 2010at 1:23 PM

Is this offer for Canadian residents as well? =)

#3  Posted by Marvin Dielingen  |  Wednesday, February 03, 2010at 2:27 PM

dear john macarthur,

i live in holland can i also have a free copy???.

or is the best opyion for me to buy one ????

greetz marvin

#4  Posted by Travis Allen  |  Wednesday, February 03, 2010at 2:44 PM

Elaine and Marvin:

Currently, this offer is available only to those with mailing addresses serviced by GTY offices in the United States and Canada. We're currently talking with our offices in India and the UK (which services Europe) to see if they will be able to participate.

Marvin, you can keep checking the Free Offer page to see if you are eligible; I'll update the note at the bottom of the page when I have more information.

For those who live in countries not serviced by GTY offices in the US, Canada, India, or Europe, we're not able to mail you the offer--we don't have an office with a mailing list in those areas. (Sorry about that!)

Travis Allen
Director of Internet Ministry

#5  Posted by Jonathan Akers  |  Wednesday, February 03, 2010at 3:55 PM

A friend and I did a book study of "Ashamed of the Gospel" several years ago. Can't say enough good about it. As John MacArthur does so well, he points out how far evangelical churches are straying from preaching the true Gospel, and have been reduced to tickling the ears of the masses to draw a crowd.

If you liked "The Gospel According to Jesus" you'll find "Ashamed of the Gospel" equally gripping and equally indicting of most contemporary churches.

#6  Posted by Chuck Tuthill  |  Thursday, February 04, 2010at 5:02 AM

Thank you GTY for your willingness to extend such a generious offer.

#7  Posted by John Cooper  |  Thursday, February 04, 2010at 9:43 AM

Thank you GTY for extending this offer to so many of us. Elaine and Marvin, I would be happy to mail my copy to you once I have read it if you are unable to order online.

I am a new believer and have John's Study Bible and a number of books. I listen to him everyday. I don't know how I found John 5 months ago... but I did. Somewhere in one of his preachings from Acts 1, I have held onto this...

Jesus Christ who was infinitely rich, became poor. He assumed our human nature, entered our sin polluted atmosphere without ever being tainted by it, took our guilt, bore our griefs, carried our sorrows, was wounded with our transgressions, bruised for our iniquities, went to heaven to prepare a place for us, and sent His Spirit to dwell in our hearts.

Thank you John, and GTY... I will never turn away from Jesus.

#8  Posted by Scott Thompson  |  Thursday, February 04, 2010at 4:43 PM

thank you gty God bless

#9  Posted by Rex Wee  |  Thursday, February 04, 2010at 5:37 PM

Hello GTY,

I live in Taiwan. I have been truly blessed by your ministry. I listen to Pastor John's preaching on a regular basis through the internet. It's hard to find really solid and sound preaching where I live, because we Christians are only 3 % of the population here, and a great majority of the churches here follow the seeker-sensitive approach. As a result, some of us are left hungry and starving for the Truth. But thanks to the internet, I could listen to sound preaching from GTY and other organizations from across the globe.

Thank you GTY for your generosity on the free book offer! I am on your mailing list as well. My address in the U.S. is my sister's house. I hope that's okay with you. I see my sister very often so she will deliver any mail for me. God bless!


#10  Posted by Douglas Grogg  |  Thursday, February 04, 2010at 9:04 PM

John, I wish to take this opportunity to publicly express my inexpressible gratitude to you for writing “Ashamed of the Gospel”. My life/ministry has been transformed by it and my repentance is a loud repentance. –His Unworthy Slave

#11  Posted by Jonathan Crappel  |  Tuesday, February 09, 2010at 3:05 PM

Dr. MacArthur,

I also would like to thank you for your extensive collection of resources here on, as well as on the iphone app. Your insights and exgesis of the Word of God has proved invaluable to my study. I am being enriched by yours, as well as a few notable others', daily. More importantly though, I am beginning to find a love for the Word that I had previously not had, or at least struggled to find. I am finding myself giving more of my tiime to the Bible to seek for God in the one place that He revealed Himself. Thank you.

#12  Posted by Vincent Williams  |  Wednesday, February 10, 2010at 5:52 AM

I cannot express enough my thanks to GTY and Dr. MacArthur I've been so blessed by his books and teachings on line. Right now I'm reading The Jesus You Can't Ignore then waiting in the wings I have 12 Ordinary Men, 12 Extraordinary Women that was a Christmas present. John's NASB study bible is outstanding I went from a NIV study bible to the NASB and love his notes, details, maps and concordance that are part of it. I was introduced to John MacArthur last year by a young lady that gave me a copy of Charismatic Chaos and I know God orchestrated that meeting. May God continue to bless Dr. MacArthur and GTY in the new year. I look forward to receiving and reading Ashamed of the Gospel. Thanks again your brother in Christ, Vincent

#13  Posted by Kim Eriksen  |  Thursday, February 11, 2010at 4:52 AM

Thank you GTY and John MacArthur

I asked for it online i am on your mailing list do i need to wait til then i can just so looking forward to it have a blessed day..

Kim Eriksen

Savannah Ga