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From the desk of John MacArthur

John MacArthur

Dear Friend,

I’m sure you’ve been struck recently by how very sinful the times are in which we live. Sin and the war it wages on mankind is everywhere. You can’t visit your favorite online news source, turn on the television, or tune into your local radio station without being reminded, one way or another, of the wickedness of our day. It’s part of the atmosphere we breathe, filling every open space and penetrating every tiny crevice of society.

Now as much as ever, the constant refrain of the church is, “Even so, come, Lord Jesus!” (Revelation 22:20). Because we belong to Jesus Christ, we love what He loves, and we hate what He hates. We love righteousness, justice, truth, peace, and holiness. At the same time we are grieved by sin and its awful effects that so dominate the world around us. We long to see things fully and finally set right. We want to see the lies and the error exposed for what they are. We yearn to see God and His Word exalted, and sin vanquished.

I’m so thankful that God’s Word speaks with such clarity not only about His ultimate reign and our future deliverance from sin’s presence, but also about His absolute sovereignty over the affairs of sinful men here and now. God is more than merely aware of the spiritual condition of this world, and the trials and temptations we face as aliens in a foreign land. His power and control are absolute, His timing is perfect, and His plans cannot be thwarted. Amid the chaos He is working all things for our good and His glory. Our responsibility is to trust Him, obey Him, serve Him—and, of course, to battle the sin that has the most devastating effect on us and that should grieve us more than any other: the sin within us.

While addressing a large youth conference in Southern California, I delivered a message on how to win the battle with sin. The message is called “The Vanishing Conscience,” and it covers truth that is desperately needed by Christians today. Follow the link above to download or stream the message.

Because I was speaking to people who are at such a strategic juncture in life, and because the war on sin is so fierce and the consequences of losing so dire, the message ended up being unusually personal and practical. “The Vanishing Conscience” examines key issues that are essential for living without compromise at every age and in every walk of life. You’re going to find this message a practical help for yourself or anyone you know who needs biblical encouragement to avoid compromise.

As you listen to “The Vanishing Conscience,” do pray it will receive a wide hearing, throughout our entire Grace to You family and beyond. Pray it will lead Christians to deal with sin even more ruthlessly, and to face every temptation without compromise. Also pray it will have a multiplied impact, equipping believers who in turn strengthen their churches around the world.

Also, please remember the opportunity you have to directly minister God’s Word to people in your community and around the world by financially supporting Grace to You. Our outreach through radio, books, the Internet, and CDs is being used by God to transform lives every day. That’s possible because people who love the truth are willing to stand with us and sacrifice for the benefit of others. 

Giving to Grace to You may seem impersonal or unimportant in the greater scheme of things. I assure you it’s not. When you support this work, you become an agent of grace and a minister of truth in a way that touches people deeply, personally, and eternally.

Thank you for standing with us as you’re able and as the Lord leads. May He be glorified as we live for Him and serve Him without compromise.

Love in the Truth,


John MacArthur

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