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From the desk of John MacArthur

John MacArthur

Dear Friend,

Millions of people across the United States today are asking each other, “Who are you planning to vote for—or perhaps against—in November?” I believe a more compelling question, especially for Christians, is, “What does God, the One who created the world and ordains all human government, expect from a politician or government official?” In other words, through what kind of local and national leaders does God bless both Christians and unbelievers?

I recently answered those questions for my congregation in a new, two-part series. The lessons weren’t my typical verse-by-verse exposition—instead I brought together passages from all over Scripture to give our folks timely insight into the kind of government leader the Lord blesses. The principles have application well beyond the current presidential race. The principles transcend national borders and go to issues of character, morality, and the blessings of common grace that should matter to every Christian of every era.

Because there is so much upheaval, rancor, frustration, and confusion in the current election cycle—even in evangelical circles—Grace to You rushed the new series Who Is God’s Candidate? to radio. It immediately generated a level of listener response we haven’t seen since we aired “We Will Not Bow” last summer, instantly adding several thousand new households to our monthly mailing list.

Each lesson is more than an hour long, but they are well worth your time. The two-part series will cut through the dense cloud of clichés, sound bites, and opinions; clarify your thinking about God’s work in and through your government; give you standards you can apply as you cast your ballot for various offices and initiatives; and set your mind on Him, His Word, and His kingdom priorities.

While these days are dark in terms of the spiritual and moral decline we are witnessing in the culture around us, I trust you are not discouraged or at all dissuaded by it—I certainly am not. In fact, I have never been more exhilarated in my love for God, His church, and His Word, and more energized in the work of Grace to You, than I am today.

You and I have so much for which to be hopeful and thankful. In Christ our sins are forgiven and our adoption secure. His return is imminent, and the consummation of our salvation and the glory, joy, and wholeness of eternal heaven await us. In the meantime, no one and nothing can prevail against God’s good and gracious purposes for those who know and love Him. He and His truth are on our side, and even amid hardships and the assaults of the world, His power is unleashed in and through us during times of frailty and weakness. We have nothing to dread, nothing to fear.

It’s from the position of trust in God, His Word, and His promises that Grace to You, through verse-by-verse Bible teaching, confronts the culture; evangelizes the lost; extends hope to those who will repent; and instructs believers in righteousness and sound doctrine, equipping them to minister in the Body. These are not dark days for ministering God’s Word—this is the very time for which we exist.

We know that our resolve to bring people God’s Word, in season and out of season, resonates with friends like you. One important measurement of the vitality and effectiveness of our impact on lives around the world is the financial support we receive from the people we are serving. That in mind, a few weeks ago our 2016 fiscal year ended—with much rejoicing I can tell you the Lord provided for all our operating expenses during the past year, even beyond what we had estimated. That certainly isn’t due to our ingenuity or some fundraising gimmick. It certainly isn’t a reflection of a robust, growing economy in which believers have unlimited resources to send to ministries. No, it is a reflection of the sacrificial giving of friends like you who love the truth, believe in what we believe in, benefit from Grace to You, and want to invest where neither moth nor rust can ruin.

Thanks to the Lord’s above-and-beyond provision through people like you, we’re able to devote our full attention to developing and distributing teaching resources, and to expanding our reach to even more people—and through new avenues when they make sense and fit our philosophy of ministry. We don’t take the Lord’s provision, your support, and this season of blessing for granted. Thank you for your part in it, past, present, and future. What a joy to be standing shoulder to shoulder with you, “Unleashing God’s Truth, One Verse at a Time.”

Love in the Truth,

John MacArthur

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