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Our Office


From its beginning, Grace to You has never been about a building. The focus has been on what we do and not where we do it. Our vision is not one of concrete and steel, but of people—souls reached and changed by God’s powerful Word. As God blessed our work and expanded our outreach, the internal, behind-the-scenes need for more and better-suited space reached a critical point. With the unanimous approval our board in 1999, we began a building project that culminated in the facility we have occupied since spring 2001.

Our present home is a monument to God alone and His faithfulness to bless those who minister—and who are ministered to—by His Word.

When John first began teaching God’s Word in 1969, Grace to You had one product—tapes—and the entire operation fit into one room. But thirty years later—after dozens of books, hundreds of study guides, thousands of radio programs, twelve million audio messages (as of 1999), a website, and several buildings—we found ourselves ready for yet another move.

We were thinking about a custom-made building twice the size of anything we had ever occupied. Building from scratch meant rethinking everything we do. The launch of the project seemed simple enough—the architect handed us a blank page and told us to make a wish list for a new building. Where do you begin?

First, we wanted to give our cherished volunteers the space they needed to park their cars and do their work. We also wanted to unify all our scattered departments so people who work together could be together. The building needed enough studio space to handle the growing number of radio programs we produce. We also sought to provide a workable space for our new and growing Spanish ministry.

God provided all of that and more. The new building has enabled us to increase our efficiency in key ministry areas. The various departments are now arranged so our production process flows smoothly from start to finish. The building design has allowed us to better serve our customers with plenty of room to handle the growing demands for trustworthy Bible-teaching materials.

It’s hard to believe that we’ve occupied this facility since 2001. It has far exceeded the modest goals we set in the first phases of the planning process. But most important, through it all we’ve seen God use our new building as a tool to accomplish the goal that’s been closest to our hearts since the beginning—“Unleashing God’s Truth, One Verse at a Time.”

Here are some interesting facts about our current building and ministry organization:

  • The current Grace to You facility is a 40,000-square-feet building sitting on 2.79 acres.
  • The construction, start to finish, lasted from May 2000 to April 2001.
  • The Harrison Parkway headquarters is the fifth facility from which Grace to You has operated since 1969.
  • There are two volunteers for every full-time staff member, all of whom help the ministry operate. The volunteer forces are not only precious to us, but they are also an indispensable part of Grace to You.
  • Grace to You employs people across a wide spectrum of job responsibilities. Job titles include:
    • Accountant
    • Administrative Assistant
    • Artist
    • Book Editor
    • Broadcast Editor
    • Broadcast Engineer
    • Copywriter
    • Customer Service Agent
    • Mastering Engineer
    • Production Technician
    • Shipping Agent
    • Supervisor
    • Content Developer
    • Web Developer
    • Web Programmer
  • Grace to You is organized under the direction of our management team in the following departments:
    • Accounting
    • Broadcast
    • Customer Service
    • Development
    • Human Resources
    • Information Technology
    • International Ministries
    • Internet Ministry
    • Media Production
    • Publications
    • “Gracia a Vosotros” Spanish Ministry
    • Shipping, Receiving, and Warehouse

Thirty percent of our staff has been with us for ten years or more. More than half has been with us five years or more.