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Posted By: Donna
Thursday, January 22, 2015

Dear Pastor John, I almost don't have the words to describe the impact that your messages have had on our whole family for all these many years. We desperately needed sound biblical preaching from a wise and studied pastor. Your intensely thorough biblical study and amazingly practical down-to-earth applications to real life and the work of the Holy Spirit through your verbal presentation has been a spiritual life line for every one of us. My kids are ages 20 -29 and four of them listen to your sermons very often. Most of us listen to your sermons DAILY now. My 22 yr old whom we are all certain will one day be a pastor and indeed wants to go to seminary listens to you daily on podcasts. He inspired us all to install podcasts apps. My husband listens to your sermons on his extremely long commute (3 hrs) round trip, every morning. If it weren't for that, he'd have a hard time getting time in the word at all. For me, as a newly retired homeschool mom, now spending my spare time volunteering, your sermons are my last step of morning devotions. I meditate daily verse by verse in a book and this last month or two has been James. I have been DELIGHTED to listen to every sermon you have on the verse or verses I'm meditating on that day. After I look up the Greek and Hebrew, the commentators, and really just pray over and listen to the Lord speaking to my heart about how that verse applies to me, I then do the chores and finally sit down to quilt for an hour while listening to your corresponding sermon. :) Many days I'm on the road running errands or driving to help others and I listen to more sermons! Our whole family loves to hear you speak too. It's like the house fills with 'courage' when we hear you. I really don't quite know how to describe it. I often read your transcript if everyone is still asleep in the morning but there is something about when you actually speak that is so powerful. We know that is a God thing. There can be no other explanation. But how I love to study God's word and live it.. and I just delight in hearing you teach a passage and hear you pull out ALL the related passages to that text. It gives me a confidence in your preaching that would not be there if you did not have the many years of study backing it up. More amazing than all of this is that 3 years ago, I went through a completely unexpected crisis lasting over a year. All the kids but one moved out.. started jobs and my husband got his first outside job ever after 15 years of working from home. We thought it would be best for him and my only daughter to move closer to the job and I would stay behind and 'sell the house'. But I was recovering from a broken arm too... and suddenly I was almost completely alone. One child, no husband, that child was on games all day. Having never played a computer game in my life, I found myself joining the family with one particular one 'online'. It seemed the perfect way for the whole family to have fun together on a server. Next thing you know, I'm building beautiful towns and buildings, running the small server... and all the loneliness of 'no job' led to online addiction. From the mom who never let her kids stay online too much and wondered why the whole family liked games so much, I suddenly was enraptured with a game. Over a year passed, and the family was trying to 'reach' me and get me back to the 'real' world. My conscience was killing me. I finally asked the Lord to rescue me as I just couldn't bear giving up 'my little friends' and the busy semi-happy little world where I was so needed and appreciated. (Not true but it felt like that.) The Lord showed me what was wrong that day, and suddenly there was this massive vacuum in my day. I had quit doing anything else. How does one 'quit' something that has filled up your whole life mentally and your whole day? The Lord's love for me and saturating my mind with the word of God, and a strict schedule were the tools that brought me back to real life. Your sermon videos became an important part of every day. They filled one of those long hours. I knew instinctively that I needed my mind renewed and the Lord reminded me of your sermons which we had all loved over the years. That was two years ago. I have not missed a day of bible study and prayer. My time with the Lord is the only priority. The day is now filled with all the usual 'mom' activities and responsibilities and serving others. But at a time when God's word seemed like blank words on a black and white page.. your sermons got through my befuddled mind... and the Lord used your ministry powerfully. The Lord did it truly, but he used you as part of that 'recovery'. I share links to your messages all the time and especially to one young college friend that is still fighting this addiction. I copy and paste parts of your sermon transcripts to him as needed. Our whole family reaches out to this young man too. I post the links too in my online devotional blog. May the Lord bless you richly for all your years of faithfulness. I only wish we had started listening more regularly long ago!

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Posted By: William
Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Brother Dr. MacArthur Over the past 5 years I have listened to every sermon on-line starting with your oldest material (I believe at one time you may have had 1967 material available but at a minimum I started with your 1969 sermons!) I have listened all the way through February of 1990. I believe that the Holy Spirit has used your teachings for those 21 years to bring my spiritual maturity to where I am now and I know so little compared to what I ought. So for me you are my Paul and I am your Timothy even though we have never met. I also have your book "Our Sufficiency in Christ" and I have to say I have read it cover to cover 25 times over. This book is so relevant for then, now and in the future to come until Jesus Returns. Being an introvert, I am working on being able to effectively communicate the Meat of the Word of God to as many people as possible without a single compromise! You and your deep teaching about the Truth found only in God's Word enriched by the Holy Spirit in me has brought about a 100% transformation in who I am as a Christian. I cannot thank you enough for all that you do. I know that God has such an eternity in store for you for being a teacher who does not compromise or give in to the attempted world's encroachment. I can't wait to hug you & thank you in heaven for being a faithful guide on the narrow path of righteousness! May God Bless You the Rest of your Days on this Earth! Bill

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Posted By: Kris
Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Dear Dr. MacArthur; I have been studying the Bible for several years now. I began to pray for wisdom, as I have learned from Solomon in 1 Kings 3:9, and I kept on asking for this gift realizing I had been praying for the wrong things. Then in about two and a half years ago scripture really began to make sense to me. Then, suddenly, I became, intensely, focused on studying the books of Daniel and Revelation. At first I found them to be a handful. I continued to pray for direction and I came upon your "NEW TESTAMENT COMMENTARY" series and it has brought my level of comprehension up to my old GPA of 3.82. Your series are so intelligently sophisticated and academically stimulating, yet, so simple and concise . I can relate the scriptural meanings to my granddaughter, as well as adult family members, in a meaningful and spiritually uplifting manner as it is intended to be by the Holy Spirit of God. I have sense begun to watch your sermons on GTY and have found them very enriching. God Bless GTY and all who come to Him in prayer. Sincerely; Kris

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Posted By: Kerri
Saturday, January 17, 2015

I cannot tell you how much I value your teachings. I find your doctrine to be sound and thoroughly sensible. I love the fact that you do not cringe or shy away from the hard topics and teachings. You tell the truth, and that is what I long to hear. I have your GTY app on my iPhone, and I listen to it whenever I am busy in the kitchen. I am always happy when I happen across a radio station and hear your voice. Please keep up the good work! I would appreciate hearing some talks on muslims and how we ought to approach them and their beliefs. I overheard a neighbor, a college student, I'm sure, talking about Islam and how he had learned some things about it and was actually thinking of converting. My heart was heavy, and I wanted to shout through the trees that he was being lured by a false religion. I didn't know where to begin, though, or what to say to him to combat what he was buying into. Thank you, again, for your wonderful service of truth and grace. I have learned a GREAT deal from you, Mr. McArthur.

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Posted By: Don
Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Dear Dr MacArthur- I have been a participant in God's ministry through you ever since the days in the early 1970's with the lending library of cassettes! Since then I have acquired a large group of ministry materials from GTYto use primarily in my 25 years as a teacher and mentor for a sunday school group of single adults. In 2012 my precious wife of 48 years died and I moved to Phoenix from Alabama to marry an old family friend I had known. She is a deeply committed believer (as am I) and we study daily the Word. Your leadership of a profoundly meaningful ministry has greatly helped us to mature in our faith. We drove to LA from Phoenix to attend a worship service. We are impressed with your humble presence and the total lack of golden thrones (you know what I refer to!) and the worship attitude that pervades the service. I pray often for continued strength and health, something I am keenly aware with, in the last year, 2 colon cancer surgeries and a hip replacement with complications. Through it all I depend on my/our savior to do what He seems best for me. Don Peterson

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Posted By: Crucita
Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Hi John.... Just wanted to encourage you to continue preaching the Word of God as you do, for many of us are so blessed by it. May our Father in heaven continue to blessed your ministry and your family for years to come! Crucita Geiger

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Posted By: Darryl
Sunday, January 04, 2015

I just want to thank God for giving us a person like you , I started learning the bible back in 2009, I surrendered my life back into Gods hands, and I just started reading and reading , and scriptures came so alive to me, then I found out about you and your knowledge God gave you is such a gift, to all of us who follow you. The messages you put out answer some questions that I ask myself which actually fulfill the scriptures . I thank you , for all the work you put in just putting a sermon together . God Bless you John . Darryl Neiman

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