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Posted By: Don
Friday, September 19, 2014

I have several books in my Christian library, and one of my favorites is a book by John MacArthur entitled, "Why Government Can't Save You: An Alternative to Political Activism." I wish this book was still in print and I consider that no time like the present is this book of greater value. With so many thinking that we must use bombs and bullets to bring peace in this world, I say the only hope for true peace is having trusting faith in the LORD. I pray that everyone who sees the troubles of this present world will seek to know the REAL PEACE that is found only in Jesus Christ.

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Posted By: Sharon
Sunday, September 14, 2014

Many, years ago I purchased a John MacArthur study bible. I didn't know who he was...I made that particular choice by selecting a verse that I understood fairly well and read his comment. It suited me so my mind was made up. I was naive enough to think that I was in charge of that decision; but since then I've come to realize that God led me to that particular Bible in order to open the door to an ever increasing understanding of His word. It's the only study Bible I've used since then. I listen to other teachers on the web from time to time, but I always come back to GTY. It's because I can trust that scripture is adhered to without exception, apology or compromise. My prayers are that God will continue using this ministry to the end of this age to His praise and glory around the world.

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Posted By: Julie
Monday, September 08, 2014

Dear Pastor MacArthur, I really felt a need to express my gratitude and sheer relief of your ministry. If it wasn't for Ray Comfort and Paul Washer leading me to your website GTY, I still be struggling. It's been such a growing experience listening to so many of your Youtube sermons and reading many of your books. I just listened to your "Strange Fire" videos and it occurred to me that I was stuck in this movement because I grew up in the "Full Gospel" church. I never totally embraced it but have always felt that there was some weird and not right with this type of hype and approach to worshiping God. My mother was truly a Godly woman who, ever since I can remember read the Bible only and went to church three time a week to serve God. She never really took to the strange fire approach to worshiping God but she never felt a need to leave. My mother's shear dedication to studying the scripture and her ability to endure and embrace physical/emotional/mental abuse from my father always left me questioning. How could she endure this and why would God put such a sweet/gentle/weak person through so much suffering. It wasn't until I started to listen to Paul Washer's sermons and now being a dedicated lister to your sermons on Youtube, I started to clearly see the God of the Bible. It has been over 40 years that I have searched high and low, looking for a church where the Pastor would preach the way Jesus did. To my disappointment, I've only located churches of all denominations that preach the message hearer want to hear and not the entire message. It wasn't until I read your book "Gospel According to Jesus" that I heard for the first time the entire Gospel. I am so in need of you prayer because my husband grew up in a RCC family. When I married my husband, I didn't care anything about faith, religion, or the Bible. My shear ignorance of RCC became so evident when listening to your sermon on them. I still have so many many questions. Please pray that someday God will be gracious enough to spark a real need to seek answers and question the things that will ultimately matter most in my husband and my three kids. So much of what you say and how you say them with an approach that isn't coming from some spiritual high is refreshing. I was almost led to go to a IHOP event that is held every year but for some reason I didn't go. Having felt the Holy Spirit reveal to me the truth in the Bible and in your sermons, I was feeling like I needed an experience to validate my Saving Faith. Too many churches promote this type of approach to validating one's Born Again status, it has become a dangerous path for many really wanting to serve God and follow Jesus. If the RCC is leading people astray by means of their tradition than the Christian denomination is doing it by means of some strange spiritual experience. I really need your help locating a church that would embrace the way GTY helps Christians like me to grow and serve. I praise God that in this sinful loving/self seeking world that there are men like Dr. John MacArthur who is willing to step out of his comfort zone and stand firm on the Truth. Unwavering and uncompromising, like Jesus Christ. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and for speaking only the truth in Jesus Christ.

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Posted By: Karen
Monday, September 08, 2014

Dear John: I wholeheartedly support every thing that Mark Barnack states below in his letter. Even though we haven't been searching as long as he has, we too will be supporting the GTY Ministry in the future. I have written before and know that we should be supporting our local churches, we are attending a local church (even though we do not agree with it enough to become members as yet). I have told you before that I have been supplementing my church attendance with listening to John's preaching every morning ( finished Matthew, Revelation and now working my way though Daniel). This morning's message was Daniel 5:1-31 entitled "Divine Graffiti: The End of An Empire". In this message John listed off comparisons of sins committed between Babylon's collapse and the USA (Canada is just the same as the USA in my mind). "the writing was on the wall" as far a John was concerned back in February 24th, 1980!!!!!!!! I would love to hear his up-dated sermon, now 34 years later. The corruption of our governments, churches, and society in general sickens me, and the writing on the wall is now in CAPITAL LETTERS. Christians everywhere need to ensure that "your salvation is real" . I praise god every day for the staff at GTY and Pastor John's dedication to "Preaching God's Word, one verse at a time". Sincerely, Karen Warner

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Posted By: Mark
Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Dear John, I want to thank you and thank God for your ministry. I have decided to begin donating to your ministry because of the sorry condition of the Christian churches in America. I have spent the last 15 years searching for a church. I have found them to b very shallow in regards to the Bible and many of them are now supporting and embracing homosexual marriage and rights. They have become politically correct, and often seem like psychiatric counseling centers more than churches. I am sorry if I sound cynical and perhaps even bitter. But I am tired of hearing congregations being berated by the ministry because they come to church expecting to be fed spiritually and are not getting it. Didn't Jesus tell Peter to "Feed my lambs and tend my sheep"? Therefore I can no longer bring myself to provide financial support to a church that cannot provide spiritual support to its members. Therefore I have decided to begin contributing to GTY, since you have the courage and passion to preach the truth from the Bible, and provide the spiritual food people need. Thank you for that sir. It is very much appreciated. Sincerely Mark Barnack

Posted by: Mark    |    Agree (1)    |    Disagree (0)
Posted By: Aimeon
Tuesday, September 02, 2014

I am writing because I have been truly blessed by the teaching of Pastor MacArthur. It is wonderful to see and hear how the Holy Spirit uses him to preach the Word in a way that makes it easy to understand. May the Holy Spirit continue to use him and his ministry to reach those who are lost. God Bless GTY!

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