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The Parables of the Kingdom

Code: 111 Scripture: Matthew 13:1-52
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What is the kingdom of heaven? Where is it found? What does it take to get in? And when will it begin—or, has it already begun?

Jesus knew that His disciples and believers in every generation would have those questions. In Matthew 13, Jesus uses parables—memorable, real-life stories with hidden meanings—to masterfully define the kingdom, explain the rules for entering, and paint an unforgettable portrait of life inside the kingdom, as well as outside.

John MacArthur’s The Parables of the Kingdom will show you how to live like you’re in heaven while still on earth. If you’re a Christian, God expects nothing less.

Includes the following 8 messages:

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    Kingdom Parables, Part 1
    Code: 2297   |   Matthew 13:1-2
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    Kingdom Parables, Part 2
    Code: 2298   |   Matthew 13:3a, 10-17, 34-35
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    The Responses to the Gospel
    Code: 2299   |   Matthew 13:3b-9, 18-23
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    The Kingdom and the World
    Code: 2300   |   Matthew 13:24-30, 36-43
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    The Power and Influence of Christ's Kingdom Part 1
    Code: 2301   |   Matthew 13:31-32
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    The Power and Influence of Christ's Kingdom Part 2
    Code: 2302   |   Matthew 13:33
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    Entering the Kingdom
    Code: 2303   |   Matthew 13:44-46
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    The Furnace of Fire
    Code: 2304   |   Matthew 13:47-52

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