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Jesus on Trial

Code: 160 Scripture: Matthew 26:31-75
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It’s a story of temptation, betrayal, weakness, wickedness, cruelty, and injustice, climaxing in a dramatic courtroom scene. To the untrained eye, it reads like fiction.

Yet the trial of Jesus and the events leading to His crucifixion were real. What’s more, they weren’t random acts of human wickedness—they were part of God’s eternal plan, and a part of the Easter story you may have overlooked.

Jesus on Trial shows how history’s worst miscarriage of justice reveals the Lord’s mission, His character, and a pattern for you to follow as a Christian when you face inevitable trials and persecution.

Includes the following 8 messages:

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    Restoring Deserting Disciples
    Code: 2384   |   Matthew 26:31-35
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    The Son in Sorrow, Part 1
    Code: 2385   |   Matthew 26:36-39
  • Listen
    The Son in Sorrow, Part 2
    Code: 2386   |   Matthew 26:40-46
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    The Traitor's Kiss Part 1
    Code: 2387   |   Matthew 26:47-50a
  • Listen
    The Traitor's Kiss Part 2
    Code: 2388   |   Matthew 26:50b-56
  • Listen
    The Illegal, Unjust Trials of Jesus, Part 1
    Code: 2389   |   Matthew 26:57, 59-61
  • Listen
    The Illegal, Unjust Trials of Jesus, Part 2
    Code: 2390   |   Matthew 26:62-68
  • Listen
    The Restoration of a Sinning Saint
    Code: 2391   |   Matthew 26:58, 69-75

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