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The Christian and Government

Code: 127 Scripture: Romans 13:1-7
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How should you react when your government doesn’t honor God?  Is it worth your time to contact legislators to express your concerns about a proposed law or an unjust tax?  Should the workings of government be much of a concern to you at all?  Aren’t you better off leaving political matters up to others, focusing instead on obeying God’s Word and proclaiming the gospel?

The Bible not only answers those questions, but also spells out what your response should be to the various challenges you face when your Christianity intersects with human government.

John MacArthur takes you to Romans 13 to help you get a handle on those important questions in his practical study The Christian and Government.  This study has immediate application—if you live under a government (and we all do), you need to know what God expects of your relationship to it.

Includes the following 6 messages:

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    The Christian's Responsibility to Government, Part 1
    Code: 45-97   |   Romans 13:1
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    The Christian's Responsibility to Government, Part 2
    Code: 45-98   |   Romans 13:1-3a
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    The Christian's Responsibility to Government Part 3
    Code: 45-99   |   Romans 13:1-2
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    The Christian's Responsibility to Government Part 4
    Code: 45-100   |   Romans 13:3-5
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    Paying your Taxes, Part 1
    Code: 45-102   |   Romans 13:6
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    Paying Your Taxes, Part 2
    Code: 45-103   |   Romans 13:6-7

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