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Mastering Your Money

Code: 130 Scripture: Matthew 6:19-34
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Ask most Christians the following question and they start to squirm. “What does God think of the way you handle your finances?”

The good news is, God wants your heart, not your money, and your money need not be a source of guilt. John MacArthur’s study Mastering Your Money helps you assess your attitude toward wealth, and it exposes myths about how Christians should—and should not—spend money. Think of it as a biblical grid through which you can filter future buying, saving, and investing decisions. You’ll also find comfort and encouragement for making it through times of financial worry.

Includes the following 5 messages:

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    Treasures in Heaven, Part 1
    Code: 2245   |   Matthew 6:19a
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    Treasures in Heaven, Part 2
    Code: 2246   |   Matthew 6:19-24
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    Overcoming Materialism
    Code: 2247   |   Selected Scriptures
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    Overcoming Financial Worry, Part 1
    Code: 2248   |   Matthew 6:25-34
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    Overcoming Financial Worry, Part 2
    Code: 2249   |   Matthew 6:25-34

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