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Condemned and Crucified

Code: 142 Scripture: Matthew 27:11-56
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What would have gone through your mind if you had witnessed Christ’s crucifixion?

Among the people there were a Roman centurion and his soldiers, some loyal women who had ministered with Christ, and mocking bystanders. How did they respond to Christ’s crucifixion, and why? How come the disciples weren’t at the cross?

In this study, John MacArthur gives a vivid presentation of all that happened at our Lord’s trials and crucifixion—an account that will actually make you feel like you are there with Jesus. This stirring description of all Christ went through on our behalf has even moved some to tears of gratitude.

Christ’s work on the cross—next to His resurrection—is the greatest event that took place in history. Let it come to life for you in Condemned and Crucified.

Includes the following 6 messages:

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    What Shall I Do with Jesus? Part 1
    Code: 2393   |   Matthew 27:11-18
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    What Shall I Do with Jesus? Part 2
    Code: 2394   |   Matthew 27:19-26
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    The Wickedness of the Crucifixion, Part 1
    Code: 2395   |   Matthew 27:27 37
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    The Wickedness of the Crucifixion, Part 2
    Code: 2396   |   Matthew 27:38-44
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    God's Miraculous Commentary on the Cross
    Code: 2397   |   Matthew 27:45-53
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    Responses to the Death of Christ
    Code: 2398   |   Matthew 27:54-56

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