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Freedom from Sin

Code: 153 Scripture: Romans 6-7
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The moment you were saved, you were set free. Free from punishment for past sins. Free from the grip of once-unbreakable patterns of sin. Free from sin’s stranglehold on your life. Free to live in a way that pleases God and brings genuine peace and joy.

So why, in your day-to-day experience, do you still battle with sins of thought, word, and deed? Is that normal? And more important, how do you experience in practice the freedom from sin God has already granted you in Christ?

In Freedom from Sin, John MacArthur provides the answers in this in-depth look at Romans 6-7 and what the apostle Paul taught about new life in Christ and how you can make it a reality in your daily life. In this study you’ll learn the biblical truths that can help you resist temptation and live without compromise for Christ.

Includes the following 10 messages:

  • Listen
    Dying to Live, Part 1
    Code: 45-45   |   Romans 6:1-5
  • Listen
    Dying to Live, Part 2
    Code: 45-46   |   Romans 6:6-10
  • Listen
    Dying to Live, Part 3
    Code: 45-47   |   Romans 6:11-14
  • Listen
    Free from Sin, Part 1
    Code: 45-48   |   Romans 6:15-18
  • Listen
    Free from Sin, Part 2
    Code: 45-49   |   Romans 6:19-23
  • Listen
    Dead to the Law
    Code: 45-50   |   Romans 7:1-6
  • Listen
    Sin and the Law, Part 2
    Code: 45-51B   |   Romans 7:7-13
  • Listen
    Sin and the Law, Part 1
    Code: 45-51A   |   Romans 7:7-13
  • Listen
    The Believer and Indwelling Sin, Part 1
    Code: 45-52   |   Romans 7:14-17
  • Listen
    The Believer and Indwelling Sin, Part 2
    Code: 45-53   |   Romans 7:18-25

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