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The Rise and Fall of World Powers

Code: 182 Scripture: Daniel 2, 4-5
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The future is a vast stage with the curtain still down. The book of Daniel takes us behind that curtain before it rises and gives insight into the final events of human history before the return of Jesus Christ.

Among the questions many Christians have about those final evens are, Does America have a part in God’s prophetic plans? and, Will this nation remain strong or are we descending into an irreversible decline?

In The Rise and Fall of World Powers, John MacArthur answers those questions with a careful look at the fascinating prophecies in Daniel chapters 2, 4, and 5. Among the intriguing events you’ll explore are King Nebuchadnezzar’s unusual dream in Daniel chapter 2, his temporary insanity in chapter 4, and the mysterious handwriting on the wall in chapter 5.

Includes the following 6 messages:

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    The Forgotten Dream and the Unforgettable Daniel
    Code: 27-06   |   Daniel 2:1-30
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    The Rise and Fall of the World, Part 1
    Code: 27-07   |   Daniel 2:31-40
  • Listen
    The Rise and Fall of the World, Part 2
    Code: 27-08   |   Daniel 2:41-43
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    The Rise and Fall of the World, Part 3
    Code: 27-09   |   Daniel 2:44-49
  • Listen
    How Are the Mighty Fallen!
    Code: 27-12   |   Daniel 4:1-37
  • Listen
    Divine Graffiti: The End of an Empire
    Code: 27-13   |   Daniel 5:1-31

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