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Security in the Spirit

Code: 215 Scripture: Romans 8
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You’ve probably heard someone say only two things in life are certain: death and taxes. That humorous—and slightly cynical—anecdote illustrates an important point: people often feel defeated and have nothing to place their confidence in.

But as a Christian, you have a hope that will endure forever: you’ve been adopted by God and He’s promised to keep you in His care. John MacArthur’s classic study Security in the Spirit affirms that your position as a child of God is unshakable and irrevocable. This detailed study of Romans 8 will encourage you to live free of sin’s shackles and enjoy victorious, confident communion with Christ.

Includes the following 12 messages:

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    The Spirit Takes Us from Sin to Righteousness
    Code: 45-57   |   Romans 8:1-11
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    The Spirit Empowers Us for Victory
    Code: 45-58   |   Romans 8:12-13
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    The Spirit Confirms Our Adoption
    Code: 45-59   |   Romans 8:14-16
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    The Gain of Glory
    Code: 45-60   |   Romans 8:17-18
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    Creation's Groans for Glory
    Code: 45-61   |   Romans 8:19-22
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    Believers' Groans for Glory
    Code: 45-62   |   Romans 8:23-25
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    The Spirit's Groans for Glory
    Code: 45-63   |   Romans 8:26-27
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    The Promise of Security, Part 1
    Code: 45-64   |   Romans 8:28
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    The Promise of Security, Part 2
    Code: 45-65   |   Romans 8:28
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    The Ultimate Security of Our Salvation
    Code: 45-66   |   Romans 8:29-30
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    The Hymn of Security, Part 1
    Code: 45-67   |   Romans 8:31-34
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    The Hymn of Security, Part 2
    Code: 45-68   |   Romans 8:35-39

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