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Forgiveness: How to Restore Broken Relationships

Code: 227 Scripture: Philemon
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It’s the simple mathematics of being human. Two people plus one relationship equals inevitable pain. One unkind word, careless act, or intentional attack, and a gulf is opened that could potentially damage a relationship forever.

That’s where the need for real, biblical forgiveness comes in. Forgiveness can heal even the worst damage between husbands and wives, children and parents, longtime friends, and everyone in between. In Forgiveness, John MacArthur looks to the life of Philemon to illuminate one of Scripture’s greatest examples of human forgiveness in action.

Includes the following 4 messages:

  • Listen
    A Living Lesson on Forgiveness
    Code: 57-1   |   Philemon 1-3
  • Listen
    The Characteristics of One Who Forgives
    Code: 57-2   |   Philemon 4-7
  • Listen
    The Actions of One Who Forgives
    Code: 57-3   |   Philemon 8-18
  • Listen
    The Motives of One Who Forgives
    Code: 57-4   |   Philemon 19-25

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