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Coming Clean: A Biblical Call to Repentance

Code: 233 Scripture: Matthew 3:1-17
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"Is it not plain that if accepting Christ is to mean anything, there must be moral action that accords with it?" A.W. Tozer

One of modern Christianity's most shocking proposals is that one can cling to Christ with one hand and sin with the other. In short, repentance is no longer considered necessary. Along with sin, hell, fire, and brimstone, repentance has been banished to the heap of dry, dusty doctrines - seldom taught and seldom understood.

Yet according to Scripture, repentance is vital not only for salvation, but also for maturing in Christ and becoming the effective believer He wants you to be.

Coming Clean: A Biblical Call to Repentance clarifies the importance of repentance in salvation and daily life. This study based on the message of John the Baptist - one of Scripture's most intriguing characters - offers you practical instruction if you're a new Christian, and important reminders if you're a veteran believer!

Includes the following 4 messages:

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    The Greatest Man
    Code: 2187   |   Matthew 3:1-6
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    The Fruits of True Repentance, Part 1
    Code: 2188   |   Matthew 3:7-10
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    The Fruits of True Repentance, Part 2
    Code: 2189   |   Matthew 3:7-12
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    The Commissioning of the King
    Code: 2190   |   Matthew 3:13-17

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