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Today's Bible Q&A with John MacArthur


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Jesus Is Coming!

Code: 252 Scripture: Matthew 24:1-51
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One day—possibly not long from now—mankind will endure violence, destruction, chaos, and judgment on a worldwide scale. A few will experience salvation. Most will be doomed. And no matter which group you fall into, one fact is at the center of all that’s waiting just beyond the horizon: Jesus is coming!

Can you know exactly when Jesus will return? Will Christians be around to witness the second coming? What role will you have in end-time events if you’re a Christian? Find out in John MacArthur’s prophecy study Jesus Is Coming!

Includes the following 9 messages:

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    The Signs of Christ's Coming Part 1
    Code: 2366   |   Matthew 24:1-3
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    The Signs of Christ's Coming Part 2
    Code: 2367   |   Matthew 24:4-5
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    The Signs of Christ's Coming Part 3
    Code: 2368   |   Matthew 24:6-14
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    The Abomination of Desolation
    Code: 2369   |   Matthew 24:15
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    Warnings of Coming Peril
    Code: 2370   |   Matthew 24:16-28
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    The Sign of the Son of Man
    Code: 2371   |   Matthew 24:29-31
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    Could Jesus Come Today?
    Code: 2372   |   Matthew 24:32-35
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    Ready or Not--Here I Come! Part 1
    Code: 2373   |   Matthew 24:36-42
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    Ready or Not--Here I Come! Part 2
    Code: 2374   |   Matthew 24:43-51

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