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The Keys to the Kingdom

Code: 261 Scripture: Luke 6:20-49
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In an age ruled by human reason and political correctness, the last thing most religions want to do is rub people the wrong way or contradict conventional wisdom about God and His demands. The result? An almost universally taught and believed notion that God plays by mankind’s rules, and that He wants you healthy, wealthy, happy, and feeling good about yourself.

But historically, true and vibrant Christianity has cut across the grain of conventional wisdom. And nowhere is that more clearly enunciated than in Jesus’ masterful Sermon on the Mount—a sermon in which He turned the human wisdom of the religious elite on its head. In The Keys to the Kingdom, John MacArthur explores Luke’s account of the Sermon on the Mount, revealing how the gospel of the Bible and true belief compares to widely held, widely taught error.

Includes the following 7 messages:

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    The Character of a True Christian, Part 1
    Code: 42-84   |   Luke 6:20-23
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    The Character of a True Christian, Part 2
    Code: 42-85   |   Luke 6:23-26
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    The Commands of Kingdom Love
    Code: 42-86   |   Luke 6:27-28
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    The Actions of Kingdom Love
    Code: 42-87   |   Luke 6:29-30
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    The Content of Kingdom Love
    Code: 42-88   |   Luke 6:31-38
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    The Danger of Following the Wrong Spiritual Teacher
    Code: 42-89   |   Luke 6:39-45
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    The Ultimate Religious Decision
    Code: 42-90   |   Luke 6:46-49

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