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Foundations, Volume One

Code: 273 Scripture: Selected Scriptures
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“Unleashing God’s truth, one verse at a time” is not just a motto of Grace to You—it is the hallmark of John MacArthur’s Bible-teaching ministry.  Having taught through the New Testament, John has touched on virtually every theological and practical issue you’ll grapple with as a Christian.

Foundations, Volume One is a fast-paced, crash course in some basics of Christian doctrine, belief, and practice.  It’s a “best of” study covering:

  • the sufficiency of Scripture
  • the holiness of God
  • dealing with sin
  • forgiveness
  • family unity
  • the return of Christ
  • heaven
  • creation vs. evolution
  • the 12 disciples
  • the simple message of the gospel

These are key lessons on some riveting subjects that provide a foundation for growth in your Christian life.

Includes the following 10 messages:

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    Jesus Is Coming
    Code: 1215   |   Revelation 22:6-12
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    Experiencing the Presence of God
    Code: 1280   |   Isaiah 6:1-8
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    The Messengers of the King
    Code: 2270   |   Matthew 10:1
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    Fifteen Words of Hope
    Code: 47-39   |   2 Corinthians 5:21
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    The Sufficiency of Scripture, Pt. 2
    Code: 80-19   |   Psalm 19
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    Hacking Agag to Pieces
    Code: 80-128   |   2 Corinthians 1:12, Romans 6:14-17
  • Listen
    Where Heaven Is and What It Is Like
    Code: 90-13   |   Selected Scriptures
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    The Key to Maintaining Family Unity
    Code: 90-108   |   Selected Scriptures
  • Listen
    Fundamental Christian Attitudes: Forgiveness
    Code: 90-121   |   Selected Scriptures
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    The Implications of Evolution
    Code: 90-220   |   Selected Scriptures

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