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Final Call: God's Last Invitation

Code: 288 Scripture: Revelation 22
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To a child, there’s nothing more terrifying than the thought of being left behind in an unfamiliar place. Now way of getting home. No one to care for you. No way of contacting your family for help. No way of protecting yourself from harm.

Yet according to the Bible, today you could be in danger of being left behind to face a far more terrifying plight: God’s final judgment on earth. It’s in the prophetic book of Revelation that God describes His plan for gathering His own children to safety and pouring out terrifying judgment on those who don’t belong to Him.

Is it too late to be rescued? What does God have to say to those who would be left behind if He returned today? In the same book that spells out His judgment, God issues one last invitation—a final call for those who are unsure about the future and who don’t want to be left stranded. That’s the focus of John MacArthur’s Final Call study from Revelation 22.

Includes the following 2 messages:

  • Listen
    God's Last Invitation, Part 1
    Code: 66-86   |   Revelation 22:13-17
  • Listen
    God's Last Invitation, Part 2
    Code: 66-87   |   Revelation 22:18-21

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