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Making a Case for the Bible

Code: 298 Scripture: Selected Scriptures
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The Bible is under attack! We live in an age when the very idea of clear, objective, knowable truth is being assaulted—even from within the visible church. A growing number of pastors claim it’s impossible to know exactly what Scripture means by what it says. They say the Bible is simply not clear—rather, it’s filled with mystery and ambiguity.

Does that mean every doctrine you and I find precious is subject to new interpretation, doubt, and even wholesale rejection? Is the Bible really infallible and inerrant? Can we really know what God’s Word means?

In Making a Case for the Bible, John MacArthur makes the case that God’s truth hasn’t changed. It isn’t mysterious or veiled—He revealed it with sufficient clarity. This study will help you know why you believe what you believe, and instill in you a deeper confidence in the truth of God as revealed in His Word.

Includes the following 5 messages:

  • Listen
    Assorted Attacks on the Bible
    Code: 90-320   |   Romans 1:18-32
  • Listen
    Why We Believe the Bible Is True
    Code: 90-321   |   Selected Scriptures
  • Listen
    Why We Believe While Others Reject
    Code: 90-322   |   1 Corinthians 1:18-2:16
  • Listen
    The Bible Is God's Word
    Code: 90-323   |   Selected Scriptures
  • Listen
    Understanding the Doctrine of Inspiration
    Code: 90-324   |   Selected Scriptures

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