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What Must I Do to Be Saved?

Code: 301 Scripture: Luke 10:25-37
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If you’re a Christian, but you’re not living your best life right now, are you doing something wrong? 
That’s a legitimate concern, considering what high-profile religious leaders often say.  Their message, essentially:  turn to Christ today and experience prosperity, good health, and happiness tomorrow. 
But the fact is that “now” message couldn’t be more misleading.  What you’ll be doing for eternity--that is the issue. 
In What Must I Do to Be Saved?, John MacArthur shows you aspects of the gospel you may have never considered.  This study will equip you to spot counterfeit teaching, communicate the gospel accurately, and rejoice in the matchless, future blessing God promises.

Includes the following 4 messages:

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    The Answer to Life's Greatest Question, Part 1
    Code: 42-141   |   Luke 10:25
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    The Answer to Life's Greatest Question, Part 2
    Code: 42-142   |   Luke 10:25-28
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    The Answer to Life's Greatest Question, Part 3
    Code: 42-143   |   Luke 10:25-29
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    The Good Samaritan
    Code: 42-144   |   Luke 10:30-37

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