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The Crucifixion Chronicle

Code: 303 Scripture: Luke 23:33-49
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Details.  Precise observations that paint a picture.  They’re the difference between simply reading a story and having a sense of being on the scene.

 The Holy Spirit superintended Luke’s eye for detail to create an amazing, moment-by-moment chronicle of the turning point of history:  the crucifixion of Jesus.

 You’ll watch in stunned silence as the crucifiers try making Jesus’ execution into a comedy.  You’ll hear the crowd’s merciless insults, and the Lord’s merciful intercession on their behalf.  You’ll meet a wretch who found life on the hill of death--a conversion at Calvary.  And in the disorienting blackness from noon to three, your eyes will be opened to a truth you may have never understood:  on that day 2,000 years ago, hell came to Jerusalem!

 In it all, God was making forgiveness for sin and eternal life possible.  Which makes The Crucifixion Chronicle good news indeed.

Includes the following 5 messages:

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    The King Crucified: The Comedy at Calvary
    Code: 42-285   |   Luke 23:33-39
  • Listen
    The King Crucified: The Contrast at Calvary
    Code: 42-286   |   Luke 23:32-39
  • Listen
    The King Crucified: Conversion at Calvary
    Code: 42-287   |   Luke 23:39-43
  • Listen
    The King Crucified: Consummation at Calvary
    Code: 42-288   |   Luke 23:44-46
  • Listen
    The King Crucified: Responses at Calvary
    Code: 42-289   |   Luke 23:47-49

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