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The Gospel According to Paul

Code: 318 Scripture: Selected Scriptures
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What would motivate you to live in such a way that you make enemies wherever you go and endure continual suffering until, ultimately, you face a martyr’s death?

The apostle Paul went to the extremes he did—had the passion he did—because he knew the God who gives undeserved mercy to the rebel sinner. Paul would not equivocate on the good news of Christ. He could not soften the edges of God’s difficult demands to make the gospel appeal to a wider audience. He didn’t lighten up the message, and neither should you.  

But precisely what is the message you need to understand and be ready to proclaim? Are there discrepancies between what Paul and the other apostles taught? Between Paul’s teaching and the Lord’s? What difference can grappling with The Gospel According to Paul make in your life? Find out in John MacArthur’s compelling study.

Includes the following 7 messages:

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    The Glorious Gospel
    Code: TM11-1
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    The Gospel Satisfies the Sinner’s Need
    Code: TM11-2   |   Romans 3:21-25
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    The Gospel Satisfies God’s Demands
    Code: TM11-3   |   Romans 3:25-31
  • Listen
    The Reconciling Gospel
    Code: TM11-7   |   2 Corinthians 5:11-20
  • Listen
    An Introduction to the Sovereign Gospel
    Code: TM11-8   |   Selected Scriptures
  • Listen
    An Explanation of the Sovereign Gospel
    Code: TM11-9   |   Romans 9-11
  • Listen
    The Humbling Gospel
    Code: 80-368   |   1 Corinthians 1-2

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