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The Gospel According to God

Code: 323 Scripture: Isaiah 53
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Seeing the Gospel in New Light 

What comes to mind when you think about the gospel? How does it affect the way you live? It’s easy to become complacent about the significance of the gospel—especially after years of walking with the Lord. The word itself can become commonplace—just another term in the Christian glossary. 

Yet the gospel is anything but commonplace or routine. Its wonders, joys, and implications are endless. The longer and deeper you look, the more glorious it shines. 

In this landmark series, The Gospel According to God, John MacArthur shows you why Isaiah 53 is rightly called the first gospel, foreshadowing the writings of the New Testament. You will see the gospel detailed in God’s own words as He reveals His Messiah, His love for Israel, and His promises for you.

Includes the following 10 messages:

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    The Astonishing Servant of Jehovah
    Code: 90-435   |   Isaiah 53
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    The Startling Servant of Jehovah
    Code: 90-436   |   Isaiah 52:13-15
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    The Scorned Servant of Jehovah, Part 1
    Code: 90-437   |   Isaiah 53:1-3
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    The Scorned Servant of Jehovah, Part 2
    Code: 90-438   |   Isaiah 53:1-3
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    The Substituted Servant, Part 1
    Code: 90-439   |   Isaiah 53:4-6
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    The Substituted Servant, Part 2
    Code: 90-440   |   Isaiah 53:4-6
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    The Silent Servant, Part 1
    Code: 90-441   |   Isaiah 53:7-9
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    The Silent Servant, Part 2
    Code: 90-442   |   Isaiah 53:7-9
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    The Sovereign Servant, Part 1
    Code: 90-443   |   Isaiah 53:10-12
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    The Sovereign Servant, Part 2
    Code: 90-444   |   Isaiah 53:10-12

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