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How to Live for God's Glory

Code: 34 Scripture: Selected Scriptures
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In ancient times, the custom at nightfall was to place an oil-burning lamp on a flat, elevated surface in the home. From that position, one lamp could illuminate an entire room. But imagine lighting it and promptly placing it under a household basket. Doing so would render the lamp useless—its flame burning unseen, its light never reaching the surrounding darkness.

As a Christian, your life is a lamp designed for one purpose: to glorify God by reflecting His light in a dark and dying world. But specifically, how do you do that? Is it possible your lamp is burning but its light is shrouded, accomplishing little of lasting, spiritual value?

John MacArthur helps you answer those questions as he gives a step-by-step approach for How to Live for God’s Glory—your most vital pursuit, every day.

Includes the following 2 messages:

  • Listen
    From Glory to Glory, Part 1
    Code: 90-75   |   Selected Scriptures
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    From Glory to Glory, Part 2
    Code: 90-76   |   Selected Scriptures

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