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The Body Dynamic

Code: 51 Scripture: Selected Scriptures
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God never intended for Christians to live in isolation, sealed in our own private, stained-glass bubbles. You were designed for relationship at an intimate, real level. To know and be known. To find support when you fall and comfort when you hurt. To fit in, to be needed, to be used of God. To accomplish, as one part of a tightly-knot organism, that which you could never hope to alone.

That’s the body dynamic in action. The church of Jesus Christ—the Body—is a responsive agent of God’s kingdom, each part fit together and moving in harmony to strengthen its members and bring light to a dark world.

In The Body Dynamic, John MacArthur offers hope for times when you wrestle with who you are in Christ, and how you fit into His plan for the Body. Encouraging, insightful, and thoroughly applicable, The Body Dynamic marks the path toward a stronger, unified, love-filled, world-transforming Church.

Includes the following 8 messages:

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    True Fellowship
    Code: 1263   |   Selected Scriptures
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    The Body of Christ
    Code: 1309   |   1 Corinthians 12:12-27
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    The Witness of the Body
    Code: 1310   |   John 15:26-27
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    The Gifts of the Body, Part 1
    Code: 1311   |   1 Corinthians 12:1-11
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    The Gifts of the Body, Part 2
    Code: 1312   |   Selected Scriptures
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    The Gifts of the Body, Part 3
    Code: 1313   |   Selected Scriptures
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    Building the Body of Christ, Part 1
    Code: 1926   |   Ephesians 4:11
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    Building the Body of Christ, Part 2
    Code: 1927   |   Ephesians 4:11-16

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