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Is the Bible Reliable?

Code: 65 Scripture: Selected Scriptures
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Many people say the Bible is an outdated book. They commend it as literature to be read merely for enjoyment - or simply denounce it as folklore.

This fact-filled series is a powerful presentation on the authority of Scripture. With thorough discussions on the subject's inspiration and inerrancy. John MacArthur goes into specific detail about how the Bible was written and why we can have complete trust in it. You will also learn fascinating particulars about how science. history and archaeology validate the Bible's claim to be the Word of God.

Includes the following 12 messages:

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    The God Who Speaks
    Code: 1340   |   Selected Scriptures
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    God Has Spoken
    Code: 1341   |   Selected Scriptures
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    God Has Spoken--But Why?
    Code: 1342   |   Selected Scriptures
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    Our God-Breathed Bible
    Code: 1343   |   Selected Scriptures
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    The Defense of Inspiration
    Code: 1344   |   Selected Scriptures
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    The Amazing Truth of the Bible
    Code: 1345   |   Selected Scriptures
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    The Bible Verifiable by Miracles
    Code: 1346   |   Selected Scriptures
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    The Miraculous Jesus
    Code: 1347   |   Selected Scriptures
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    Science and Scripture
    Code: 1348   |   Selected Scriptures
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    Prewritten History, Part 1
    Code: 1349   |   Selected Scriptures
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    Prewritten History, Part 2
    Code: 1350   |   Selected Scriptures
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    The Foolishness of God, Part 1
    Code: 1813   |   1 Corinthians 1:18-21

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