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How to Study the Bible

Code: 82 Scripture: Selected Scriptures
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You try faithfully to read and study your Bible, yet you still wonder, How can I study the Bible so it really makes a difference in my life? Or, What’s the best way to dig into the Word?

There’s no more important skill you can cultivate than handling your Bible with understanding and accuracy. There’s no greater joy than digging into and discovering biblical truth on your own. And there’s no part of life that a deeper and wider grasp of God’s Word doesn’t touch.

In How to Study the Bible, John MacArthur takes you on a fascinating exploration of God’s Word to reveal its glorious attributes.

Includes the following 4 messages:

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    The Power of the Word in the Believer's Life Part 1
    Code: 1379   |   Selected Scriptures
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    The Power of the Word in the Believer's Life Part 2
    Code: 1380   |   Selected Scriptures
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    Who Can Study the Bible?
    Code: 1381   |   Selected Scriptures
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    How to Study the Bible
    Code: 1382   |   Selected Scriptures

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