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The Childlikeness of the Believer

Code: 9 Scripture: Matthew 18:1-14
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The best way to learn about who you are as a Christian is through what Christ said about Christians. And in Matthew 18. He skillfully taught several great truths about all believers by comparing them to children. These messages survey verses 1-14. where Jesus presents five lessons about the childlikeness of the believer. The fact that God is your Father in heaven will take on greater meaning in this moving study!

Includes the following 3 messages:

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    Entering the Kingdom
    Code: 2327   |   Matthew 18:1-4
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    The Danger of Causing a Christian to Sin
    Code: 2328   |   Matthew 18:5-9
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    The Care of God's Children
    Code: 2329   |   Matthew 18:10-14

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