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How to Talk to a Heretic (DVD series)

Code: 83306 Scripture: Luke 19:45—20:47
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Sometimes It’s Not OK to Be Nice

When Jesus encountered religious leaders teaching dangerous, damning error, He didn’t seek conversation, common ground, or peaceful resolution.  He confronted.  He bluntly exposed the lies and hypocrisy.  He refused to contribute to any sense of spiritual unity with the false teachers.

In other words, Jesus wouldn’t be welcomed in most evangelical circles today.  His bold method of dealing with error is foreign to today’s church.  The need is desperate for a fresh understanding and application of His model.

That’s the heart of John MacArthur’s study How to Talk to a Heretic.  You’ll see inside one of Jesus’ poignant confrontations with pious enemies of the gospel and truth.  Along the way, you’ll be equipped to fight the same good fight today.

Includes the following 8 messages:

  • The King Confronts Corruption
    Code: 8242-243   |   Luke 19:45-48
  • Rejecting the King’s Authority
    Code: 8242-244   |   Luke 20:1-8
  • The Murder of God’s Son: A Prophetic Parable, Part 1
    Code: 8242-245   |   Luke 20:9-18
  • The Murder of God’s Son: A Prophetic Parable, Part 2
    Code: 8242-246   |   Luke 20:9-18
  • A Diagnosis of the Christ-Rejecters
    Code: 8242-247   |   Luke 20:19-26
  • The Savior Silences the Sadducees
    Code: 8242-248   |   Luke 20:27-40
  • David’s Son and LORD
    Code: 8242-249   |   Luke 20:41-44
  • Confronting Error with Condemnation, Not Conversation
    Code: 8242-250   |   Luke 20:45-47

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