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John MacArthurWelcome to the Radio Archive for “Grace to You,” our flagship, daily half-hour radio broadcast.

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Many of the people you see in your neighborhood, your favorite restaurant, the shopping mall, and the gym are lost – separated from God and heading for eternal death. How might you fit into God’s plan to save any one of them? John MacArthur shows you in his study The Great Commission.

Even if you read about Jesus’ birth every December, you may feel as though you’re hearing the Christmas story for the first time as John MacArthur looks at details often missed about The Birth of the King.

They’re practical actions you can take, and attitudes you can cultivate every day, that are part of a successful and dynamic Christian life. John MacArthur shows you those bedrock principles in his series called Back to Basics.

What are you building your life on – what foundational attitudes show others you follow Christ? Take a close look at The Pillars of Christian Character with John MacArthur.

Born in a lowly stable, unheralded by men, surrounded by society’s outcasts. Why would God bring His Son into the world in such a way? And what’s the take-away from this humble scene — what can it teach you about your salvation? John MacArthur answers those questions and more in The Promise of Christmas.

Whatever you’re facing today – from nagging stress to profound trials – how do you face it with joy? It’s all about focusing on your stunning, future inheritance in John MacArthur’s study Our Great Salvation.

Deep-down, lasting happiness isn’t hard to find. It’s impossible — at least when you pursue it apart from the unexpected path Jesus spells out in the Bible. To see the kind of life that produces real joy, peace, and contentment, don’t miss John MacArthur’s study, True Happiness.

Why would God allow some sinners to spend eternity in hell, but others — people just as unworthy — He saves from their sins? That’s one of the many difficult questions inevitably raised by the doctrine of election. John MacArthur confronts the toughest of them in his thought-provoking study Chosen for Eternity.

Whether you have a lot of money or hardly any, how do you put your finances in perspective and find hope, contentment, even joy? Find out with John MacArthur in his look at Mastering Your Money.

What are the essential building blocks of Christianity – and are they in your life? Make sure your life has the strength that can only be built Brick by Brick.

If you’re a Christian, you’re called to join a revolution—one that has everything to do with your family. See why God’s pattern for men and women is world changing. Don’t miss John MacArthur’s study Revolutionary Living in a Dark Culture.

Scripture say that whatever you do, do it to the glory of God. But how do you glorify God while waiting tables, filing paperwork, or driving a cab? In Wisdom for the Workplace, John MacArthur shows you how to honor Christ and be genuinely satisfied with your work—whatever it is.

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It’s your greatest privilege as a Christian. How do you make the most of it—how can you be sure you’re praying the right way? What is powerful, purposeful prayer? Consider that as John MacArthur looks at the prayer Jesus modeled for His followers—and for you today—The Disciples’ Prayer.

The phone rings late at night. Your spouse, child, or close friend has died suddenly. How can you possibly make sense of that? What, if any, good comes from tragedy? John MacArthur helps you understand the purpose of trials in his study Making Sense Out of Suffering.

Heaven. It’s the last and greatest chapter in the story of God’s love for His children, the pinnacle of what Bible scholars refer to as glorification. Yet while heaven is marvelous to think about, you may be wondering, “What difference can my future glorification make today for my family, relationships to other Christians, and day-to-day responsibilities?”

The world’s future — and your future — are inexorably tied to Israel’s. Why? What makes this tiny nation the focal point of so much world history? Find out as John MacArthur surveys prophecies from Daniel that are yet to be fulfilled in his compelling study The Future of Israel.

From life’s complex issues to everyday decisions, the true answers are only found in God’s Word. John MacArthur helps strengthen your confidence in the Bible in his study The Sufficiency of Scripture.

You know the Bible is important. But specifically how can reading, studying, and meditating on Scripture change your attitudes, guide your decisions, and strengthen your relationships with family, neighbors, and coworkers? Find out as John MacArthur helps you tap into The Transforming Power of Scripture.

What does God’s Word say makes for an effective leader? What qualities should people see in you if you’re going to guide them? Learn how to put on those biblical traits in John MacArthur’s look at Qualities of an Excellent Servant.

If you’ve ever found yourself overwhelmed about finances, you’re not alone. With so much uncertainty in today’s economy, why shouldn’t you worry about being able to pay for what you need? John MacArthur helps you get a grip on those issues in What Did Jesus Really Say About Financial Worry?

It’s perhaps Jesus’ most famous parable, yet it’s one of the Bible’s most misunderstood stories. Let John MacArthur show you why the parable of the prodigal son is really The Tale of Two Sons.

Women try to have it all these days – career, family, prestige. But will it bring fulfillment? See what Scripture says in John MacArthur’s look at God’s High Calling for Women.

It’s John MacArthur’s most popular study—laying out a biblical pattern for strengthening and improving family relationships. Learn how to make your home one of stability, love and joy, not a breeding ground for strife, in The Fulfilled Family.

You may never face a life-or-death test of your faith. But your integrity as a Christian is tested every day, in what you think, say, do, and refuse to do. What does it take to live An Uncompromising Life? John MacArthur shows you in this practical study from Daniel.

Why did Jesus have to die—and what does His death mean for you? Find out as John MacArthur examines the great turning point of history in his series The Murder of Jesus.

Many people will one day stand before God and hear these shocking words: “I never knew you; depart from Me.” Could you be one of those people? How can you tell if you’re self-deceived about your standing with God?

Have you ever doubted whether you’re truly saved? Can you ever really know for sure? Don’t miss John MacArthur’s classic, practical study on how to know if you’re salvation is real — Examine Yourself.

When you become a Christian, the battle against sin doesn’t slow down. If anything, it gets more intense. In Dealing with Sins of the Mind, John MacArthur shows you how to identify and destroy sin at its root, helping you experience greater joy and blessing in Christ.

You can always find someone who’s committed far worse sins than you, which might make you think, “Am I really that bad?” Consider that question as John MacArthur shows you the depths of our sin, and the incomparable breadth of God’s love and forgiveness, in his study The Sinfulness of Sin.

It’s not a question of if you’ll face trials—it’s when. In Benefiting from Life’s Trials, John MacArthur helps you understand why a loving God allows bad things to happen, and how you can know real joy even in your darkest days.

How do you know if marriage is right for you? How do you decide whom to marry? And what benefits are there of staying single — is that even an option Christians should pursue? For answers — and to learn contentment no matter your marital status — don’t miss John MacArthur’s look at Guidelines for Singleness and Marriage.

What is the kingdom of God? And when will it begin — or has it already? Learn how to live like you’re in heaven while still on earth in John MacArthur’s The Parables of the Kingdom.

It takes work — sometimes unpleasant — to be self-disciplined. So why do it? What’s the spiritual takeaway? Find out as John MacArthur shows you the rewards that come from mastering The Art of Self-Discipline.

How can you become more like Christ in 2015? What steps do you need to take to accomplish that goal? Find out as John MacArthur looks at the nature of spiritual growth in Reaching for the Prize.