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The Achilles Heel of Theistic Evolution

Romans 8:20-22 July 18, 2010 B100718

The Genesis record is a beautiful picture of God’s creation. Order, purpose and harmony permeate His completed work. Man relates righteously to God; Adam and Eve relate lovingly to one another; and animals dwell peacefully among them. No sign of conflict, fear, violence or death appears, until the day Adam sinned against God.

That’s a problem for evolution—a big problem.

Christians who flirt with evolution have some serious explaining to do when it comes to the existence of death before Adam’s transgression. How can God pronounce a world filled with violence, disease, suffering and death “very good”? Answer: He can’t.

Listen to John MacArthur make his case, then join the discussion at the comment thread by answering this question:

Since theistic evolutionists claim death reigned billions of years before Adam’s fall, what did sin do to the world that hadn't already been done? In what way was the “creation subjected to futility” (Romans 8:20)? How has the “whole creation . . . been groaning . . . until now” (Romans 8:22)?