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Commentary Special

Results from Christian Living

  • The "Age of Accountability"


  • A Biblical Prosperity Gospel
    (just for kids)


  • What Must I Believe?


  • A Wideness in God’s Mercy?


  • Abiding in Christ

    sermon-seriesJohn 15:1-25

  • Above Reproach

    articlesSelected Scriptures

  • After I lead people to Christ, should I offer them immediate assurance?

    questionsJohn 3:16; Romans 8:16; Romans 15:4

  • The Agony of the Cup

    pulpitMark 14:32-42

  • The Amazing Child of Christmas

    sermonsSelected Scriptures

  • The Anatomy of a Church

    sermon-seriesSelected Scriptures

  • And Nothing But the Truth


  • Angels: God's Invisible Army, Part 1

    sermonsSelected Scriptures

  • Angels: God's Invisible Army, Part 2

    sermonsSelected Scriptures

  • Angels: God's Invisible Army, Part 3

    sermonsSelected Scriptures

  • Answering a Couple of Objections


  • The Antidote to Partiality

    portraits-of-graceSelected Scriptures

  • The Apostles Who Don't Do Anything


  • The Apparent Paradox of Sanctification

    blogPhilippians 2:12-13

  • Appearance Is Everything?

    blogSelected Scriptures

  • Applying the Word Without Delay

    portraits-of-graceSelected Scriptures

  • Are Christian fathers commanded to daily devotions with their children?

    questionsSelected Scriptures

  • Are people who remarry in danger of committing perpetual adultery?

    questionsMatthew 5:31-32, Deuteronomy 24:2-4, Mark 10:11-12

  • Are the Sabbath laws binding on Christians today?

    questionsColossians 2:16-17; 1 Chronicles 23:31; Nehemiah 9:14; Acts 20:7

  • Are there any hidden codes in the Bible?

    questionsPsalm 119:130; Psalm 19:7; 2 Peter 3:15; Deuteronomy 8:3

  • The Armor of God

    pulpitEphesians 6:10-13

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