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June 30

Reading for Today:

  • 1 Chronicles 23:1–25:31
  • Psalm 78:40-55
  • Proverbs 20:3
  • Acts 9:22-43


1 Chronicles 25:1 the captains of the army. David relied on his mighty men for help (11:10). Asaph…Heman…Jeduthun. David’s 3 chief ministers of music (6:31–48). prophesy. This is not necessarily to be taken in a revelatory sense, but rather in the sense of proclamation and exhortation through the lyrics of their music (25:2, 3). Prophesying is not necessarily predicting the future or even speaking direct revelation. It is proclaiming truth (v. 5) to people (1 Cor. 14:3), and music is a vehicle for such proclamation in praise (v. 3). David and the leaders selected those most capable (v. 7) of leading the people to worship God through their music.

Psalm 78:41 limited the Holy One. The Israelites did this by doubting God’s power.

Psalm 78:42 did not remember His power. The generations of Israelites which left Egypt and eventually died in the wilderness were characterized by ignoring God’s previous acts of power and faithfulness. The following verses (vv. 42–55) rehearse the plagues and miracles of the Exodus from Egypt, which marvelously demonstrated God’s omnipotence and covenant love.

Acts 9:30 Caesarea. An important port city on the Mediterranean located 30 miles north of Joppa. As the capital of the Roman province of Judea and the home of the Roman procurator, it served as the headquarters of a large Roman garrison. sent him out to Tarsus. Paul disappeared from prominent ministry for several years, although he possibly founded some churches around Syria and Cilicia (15:23; Gal. 1:21).

DAY 30: How were the duties of the temple divided up?

Administrative Duties


1 Chronicles 23:4, 5


1 Chronicles 23:4, 5


1 Chronicles 23:4, 5

Public administrators

1 Chronicles 26:29, 30

Ministerial Duties


1 Chronicles 24:1, 2


1 Chronicles 25:1

Assistants for sacrifices

1 Chronicles 23:29–31

Assistants for purification ceremonies

1 Chronicles 23:27, 28

Service Duties

Bakers of the Bread of the Presence

1 Chronicles 23:29

Those who checked the weights and measures

1 Chronicles 23:29


1 Chronicles 23:28

Financial Duties

Those who cared for the treasury

1 Chronicles 26:20

Those who cared for dedicated items

1 Chronicles 26:26–28

Artistic Duties


1 Chronicles 25:6


1 Chronicles 25:7

Protective Duties

Temple guards

1 Chronicles 23:5

Guards for the gates and storehouses

1 Chronicles 26:12–18

Individual Assignments

Recording secretary

1 Chronicles 24:6

Chaplain to the king

1 Chronicles 25:4

Private prophet to the king

1 Chronicles 25:2

Captain of the guard

1 Chronicles 26:1

Chief officer of the treasury

1 Chronicles 26:23, 24

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