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March Newsletter 2014

March 1, 2014 201403

Courage Under Fire
John MacArthur with GTY


So far this year our blog has focused on the the shepherd's role in preaching the Word and protecting the flock. According to Jesus, the distinctive quality of a hireling is one who flees when he sees the wolf coming (John 10:12). In contrast, Jesus marked Himself as a true shepherd by laying down his life for the sheep.


The Great Shepherd set the example of doing the hard sacrificial work for the sake of the flock. Paul followed that example in suffering for the church (2 Timothy 2:10), as have many o
thers through ages, suffering greatly, unwilling to compromise the truth and allow error to spread unhindered. In light of recent political and cultural events, the following resources will encourage you-whether shepherd or sheep-to stand strong in the face of opposition.
The Courageous Christian (audio series)

On the Blog
As noted above, we recently concluded an important series on protecting the flock against false teachers, the wolves in sheep's clothing. To ignore this responsibility is to invite divisive and destructive teaching into the church. And yet, some today count it a virtue to abstain from pointing out the wolves. This series calls leaders to fulfill this difficult but necessary task. Click here to read the blog.


We are currently posting a series of articles responding to advocates of fallible prophecy. Even the most conservative charismatics affirm that modern prophecy can and often does contain errors. So, can words from the Lord be wrong? Click here to find out.

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