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May Newsletter 2014

May 1, 2014 201405

Family Focus


May is a month focused on the family-Mother's Day, graduation, making summer plans with friends and family. Those activities fill our calendars, build anticipation, and generate excitement. Yet for some it can be an emotional time of teens leaving the nest after graduation, families experiencing Mother's Day without Mom, or dreaded gatherings in light of strained relationships.


God's Word has much to say about motherhood, family life, and wisdom for teens spreading their wings. John MacArthur has taught extensively on those important matters, and Grace to You has a number of resources that are helpful, encouraging, and could even be given as gifts to encourage others. Here are just a few:


A Course for Life (audio series)

God's High Calling for Women (audio series)

The Extraordinary Mother (book)

Family Collection (resource bundle)


New Way to Listen to "Grace to You"

There is a new way for you to listen to our daily and weekend "Grace to You" broadcasts! The broadcasts are now just a phone call away from any phone in the United States. Simply dial (231) 460-1100 and the broadcast will begin playing on-demand.


* Call uses mobile minutes. When using a land-line telephone, long-distance charges apply.


Inerrancy Movement

John MacArthur is leading the way to elevate awareness and understanding of the vital doctrine of the inerrancy of Scripture. Using the website as a platform, John and numerous other faithful church leaders are calling the church to defend the Scriptures. More than just an informative website, invites leaders and pastors to personally affirm inerrancy, and provides an outlet for discussion of the authority and sufficiency of Scripture.


Take time to visit the site, and encourage your church leaders to join in this vital effort. You can also stay up-to-date by following @theinerrantword on Twitter.


On the Blog
Last week we took a brief hiatus from our series on discernment to respond to the current interest in books and movies such as Heaven Is for Real. Taking material from John MacArthur's book The Glory of Heaven, we highlighted the biblical reasons for rejecting modern accounts of trips to heaven in favor of the authoritative picture of heaven given to us in God's Word.
In May we'll wrap up our series on discernment, specifically focusing on the biblical recipe for discernment and how to faithfully cultivate it in our lives.

After that, we'll kick off a new feature called "Profiles of Godliness," where we set aside a week to focus on a person in Scripture and study the example of his or her life.

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