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Ashamed of the Gospel
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Since the 1993 release of John MacArthur’s book, Ashamed of the Gospel, the world has experienced phenomenal change. The fall of Communism marked the failure of the modernist experiment—“The Age of Reason” proved irrationally cold and cruel at the core. The age of doubt isn’t very promising either. “Question everything,” the postmodernist manifesto, is just as vapid and hollow as its modernist parents.

Sadly, many evangelical leaders, churches, and institutions have made it their business to chase the changing winds of the culture. Rather than proclaiming the old truths of the gospel, boldly and unashamedly, they’ve catered to the spirit of the age—relevance. They now own curse of this dictum: “He who marries the spirit of the age soon finds himself a widower.”

The alarm John originally sounded in Ashamed of the Gospel was not heeded, and the predictions he made came true. The evangelical movement is now more fractured, doctrinally illiterate, and confused than ever. That’s what makes the release of this third edition so important. The way forward, out of this mess, is a return to old ways—simple trust and faithful obedience to God’s Word.

In this third edition of Ashamed of the Gospel, John has added a new preface that will bring you up to speed with the seismic changes in our world since the first edition. It’ll help you understand the current cultural landscape and get you ready to interact with the book’s thesis. Two new chapters and an additional appendix make this book the most incisive and prophetic critique of our time.

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