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November 2012 Newsletter

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Give the Gift of Truth

With a humble beginning, Jesus Christ entered into time from eternity. And yet, since His arrival in Bethlehem, the influence of His life, death, and resurrection has been unparalleled.

We joyously welcome the approach of Christmas each year. The weeks leading up to December 25 provide countless opportunities to celebrate the arrival of the Savior -- and to proclaim the truth of God's Word as to why He came.

From November 5-18, we're offering you our vast selection of teaching materials from John MacArthur at discounted prices. Almost everything in our inventory is 25 percent off the regular price.

Find biblically sound resources for anyone on your Christmas list.

Let us help you give the gift of truth this Christmas.

Note: Limited to US, Canadian, and European customers only while supplies last.

Worry is a common temptation for all of us. The source of the anxiety might vary from person to person, but no one is completely immune. For some, it's even a favorite pastime, occupying large portions of their days by troubling over their doubts and fears about the future... Read More

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