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The Transformed Life

Acts 9:1-31

The Transformed Life
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The transformation of Saul of Tarsus occurred in an instant. Like all Christians, he became a new creation. He who was dead in sin became alive to God; he who was insensitive to divine truth began to taste that God is good; he who was blind began to see; he who was in darkness stepped into blazing light; he who did only evil continually began to do good. The hell-bound became the heaven-bound—the rebel became to son. It is this great change in the life of Saul that John MacArthur discusses in this informative 4-message series on Acts 9:1-31, The Transformed Life.

In addition to discussing Saul’s faith in Jesus Christ, which brought about his transformation, John also discusses the following features that are true of all transformed lives:

  • Fervor in supplication
  • Faithfulness in service
  • The filling of the Spirit
  • Fellowship with the saints
  • Fervency in speaking
  • Fearlessness in suffering

Learn how to actualize the realities of the transformed life in your life.

    Includes the following 4 messages:

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    The Transformed Life, Part 1

    January 28, 1973 Acts 9:1-9 1728

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    The Transformed Life, Part 2

    February 4, 1973 Acts 9:10-17 1729

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    The Transformed Life, Part 3

    February 11, 1973 Acts 9:17-19 1730

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    The Transformed Life, Part 4

    February 18, 1973 Acts 9:20-31 1731

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