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Humility: The Path to Glory

Matthew 20:20-28

Humility: The Path to Glory
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If true greatness could be described with one word. based on all the biblical data. it would have to be humility.

In our world. pride is exalted as a virtue. and humility is viewed as a weakness. And unfortunately. our society has given us an erroneous definition of humility.

What does it really mean to be humble. and how can we cultivate this attribute which God prizes so highly? Learn about the kind of greatness God calls us to in this study of Matthew 20:20-28!

    Includes the following 2 messages:

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    How to Be Great in the Kingdom, Part 1

    July 10, 1983 Matthew 20:20-25 2347

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    How to Be Great in the Kingdom, Part 2

    July 17, 1983 Matthew 20:26-28 2348

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