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20/20 Spiritual Vision

Matthew 16:1-12

20/20 Spiritual Vision
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Could you be blind without even knowing it?

That may sound illogical but it’s an apt picture of every person’s spiritual condition: unable to see, understand, and live by biblical truth—unless God opens the eyes.

In 20/20 Spiritual Vision, John MacArthur shows you two groups of people in Matthew 16: those who are blind to the light of God’s truth, and those who see it clearly. Discover the importance of seeking the light, the necessity of cursing the darkness, and the privilege of proclaiming God’s illuminating truth. 

    Includes the following 2 messages:

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    Dealing with Spiritual Blindness, Part 1

    September 12, 1982 Matthew 16:1-4 2315

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    Dealing with Spiritual Blindness, Part 2

    September 19, 1982 Matthew 16:5-12 2316

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