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Why Do I Still Sin?

Romans 7:14-25

Why Do I Still Sin?
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Sometimes you look at your life and feel downright un-Christian. You find yourself neglecting to do the good things you should do. And you commit the very sins you hate and know you shouldn’t do. The conflict inside is real, and it weighs you down more than you care to admit.

Is the struggle with sin part of a healthy Christian’s life? If sin is to be expected, why? Will I ever have victory over the sins I battle today?

In Why Do I Still Sin?, John MacArthur looks to Romans 7 to provide encouraging, biblical insight into the issue of the Christian and indwelling sin.

    Includes the following 2 messages:

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    The Believer and Indwelling Sin, Part 1

    March 6, 1983 Romans 7:14-17 45-52

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    The Believer and Indwelling Sin, Part 2

    March 13, 1983 Romans 7:18-25 45-53

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