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Don't Be Afraid to Ask

Luke 11:5-13

Don't Be Afraid to Ask
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It’s been said that persistence can grind down an iron beam to a needle. Imagine if you were that focused—that persistent—in praying. Then again, can you ever be so persistent that you wear down and persuade a sovereign God? Since God does what He wants, how much impact can your prayers really have?

Our own distorted view of God’s sovereignty often leads us to neglect praying bold prayers. Yet the Bible teaches that’s exactly the way God wants you to approach Him—with boldness.

In Don’t Be Afraid to Ask, John MacArthur shows you why and how you can be persistent with God and hold Him to His promises. God wants you to talk to Him, and He wants to respond generously to your bold prayers.

    Includes the following 2 messages:

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    Pray Boldly

    March 28, 2004 Luke 11:5-10 42-157

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    God's Generous Response to Boldness in Prayer

    April 4, 2004 Luke 11:11-13 42-158

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