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Enjoying God

Selected Scriptures

Enjoying God
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It sounds foreign to nearly everything we’ve been taught about God, and almost too good to be true. While God calls His children to fear Him, worship Him, obey Him, trust Him, and love Him, He also expects us to thoroughly and passionately enjoy Him

But there is a problem. Before we can enjoy God, we must know Him—intimately and accurately.

So how well do you really know God? When you think of Him, what comes to mind? A frail grandfather? A stern schoolmaster? A far-off ruler who doesn’t know much—or care much—about his subjects?

There’s really no more important issue to settle than what God is like, and no way to better know and enjoy Him than by seeing Him through the eyes of Jesus Christ, His own Son—the One who knows and enjoys Him most. John MacArthur helps you do just that in Enjoying God. This study can help set aside the speculation about what God is like, and enable you to more fully experience His presence!

    Includes the following 2 messages:

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    Jesus' View of the Father

    August 5, 1979 Selected Scriptures 1272

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    Experiencing the Presence of God

    October 19, 1980 Isaiah 6:1-8 1280

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