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When Believers Doubt

Luke 7:18-23

When Believers Doubt
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Is Jesus really who He says He is? 

It’s not an unreasonable question, nor is it a new one.  Even those who loved God, longed for the arrival of Messiah, and lived in Israel during the miracle-filled days of Jesus’ earthly ministry had times of doubt.

A brief episode in Luke gives a surprisingly wide-angle look into the struggles of those early believers.  When Believers Doubt brings the story to life--and the take-away for Christians today is clear.  This series pours out encouragement you need when you’re tempted to question what you know about who Jesus is, what He accomplished, and what He’s preparing for the future.  And you’ll see that how you respond to doubt can, in itself, prove your faith is real.  Two hours of verse-by-verse study that can put uncertainty to rest for good.

    Includes the following 2 messages:

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    Why the Believer Doubts, Part 1

    December 30, 2001 Luke 7:18-20 42-95

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    Why the Believer Doubts, Part 2

    January 6, 2002 Luke 7:21-23 42-96

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