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Breaking Sin's Grip

1 Peter 4:1-6

Breaking Sin's Grip
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Personal sin isn’t a popular topic these days among Christians. It’s too negative, too confrontational, too damaging to self-esteem.

But is such thinking biblical—or beneficial?

Ignore what the Bible says about sin and its destructive nature, and it’s to your peril. Sin has the power to ensnare and enslave. Left unchecked, it kills your relationships, stunts your spiritual growth, dishonors Christ, and damages your testimony. The consequences of sin are deadly serious—and so must be the fight to break its grip.

In Breaking Sin’s Grip, John MacArthur walks you through a biblical strategy for conquering temptation. You’ll learn five powerful principles that will help you avoid sinning and, as a result, experience the blessing of obedience.

    Includes the following 2 messages:

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    The Memory That Shuns Sin, Part 1

    October 29, 1989 1 Peter 4:1 60-39

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    The Memory That Shuns Sin, Part 2

    November 19, 1989 1 Peter 4:2-6 60-40

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