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The Murder of Jesus

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The Murder of Jesus
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Betrayal, abduction, physical abuse, and a torturous, agonizing death. Read that in the morning paper, and you know what label you’d give it: cold-blooded murder.

Interesting how we don’t see the crucifixion in those terms. Yet the death of Christ couldn’t fit the definition of murder any better.

In The Murder of Jesus, John MacArthur examines Christ’s ordeal for the sake of sinners, and explores what amounts to the great turning point in all of history.

    Includes the following 2 messages:

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    The Wickedness of the Crucifixion, Part 1

    March 17, 1985 Matthew 27:27 37 2395

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    The Wickedness of the Crucifixion, Part 2

    March 24, 1985 Matthew 27:38-44 2396

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