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One Perfect Life - A Christmas Special Message with John MacArthur

God's Word to an Ungodly Society

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God's Word to an Ungodly Society
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Just as darkening clouds and an angry sky signal an approaching storm, so the prophets announced God’s impending judgment against the sins of society - sins that lead to the ruin of nations, such as idolatry, corrupt leadership, and the perversion of marriage - sins that, tragically, people are repeating in our own times.

What hope is there for a people who reject God? Reject His Standards? Reject His Son? Are the consequences of their sins irreversible? What lasting impact can Christians make on an anti-God culture? Can we really make a difference?

In God’s Word to an Ungodly Society, John MacArthur provides insight into where we are today, how we got here, where we’re headed, and how Christians can and should respond in a way that both effects change and honors God. All believers have a responsibility to confront the world with the truth of the gospel. Discover your role in this informative and provocative study.

    Includes the following 2 messages:

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    Isaiah: A Godly Man in a Nation in Crisis

    August 19, 1979 Isaiah 5-6 1383

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    Warning to an Apostate Nation

    August 26, 1979 Jeremiah 1384

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