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We don't normally roll out features rapid fire like this, but we didn't want all you non-iPhone users to miss out on all the joy.So, just for you, we've launched a mobile version of our website.

You can get started right away—here's the URL: m.gty.org. You'll find a sleek version of the website, rich with vital resources you can access anywhere your mobile service provider allows you to roam. And keep checking back; we'll add more features as we're able.

Also, when you try to access the full version of our website from a mobile device (www.gty.org), you should get a prompt, asking if you'd like to view the mobile version of the website or the aesthetically-pleasing (graphic-heavy) version. For those of you who've got the time, you can meditate on your favorite Bible verse while the graphics download. The rest of you can turn on the tap and let the river flow in a matter of seconds.

Thanks for participating in the ministry of Grace to You and for your continued appreciation of John MacArthur's Bible teaching.

Travis Allen
Director of Internet Ministry

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